Bílá Vrána

CS Restaurant Bílá Vrána, Jagellonská 10, Prague 3 - Vinohrady, +420 737 070 005

100 gTartara di manzo - mild beef tartar with capers, rocket and Parmesan cheese105 CZK
3 ksFried Jalapeňos peppers - filled with Chedar cheeses, served on a bed of rocket, with salsa Rojo and garlic dip115 CZK
 of the day40 CZK
150 gChicken strips - fried in sesame, served with coleslaw salad 182 CZK
150 gChicken fillet Supreme - with herb butter on Mediterranean vegetable178 CZK
200 gFajitas - chicken or beef with fresh paprika, onion a bean paste –served iron panne with guacamole, sour crème and tortillas225/235 CZK
200 gQuesadilla - chicken or beef with Chedar, onion, toamtoesm bacan and Jalapeňos peppers – served with guacamole,225/235 CZK
300 gGrilled Pork - served on a wooden plate, with Dijon and old French mustard, horseradish and fresh bread 208 CZK
300 gGrilled Pork - with roasted green beans and chorizo salami185 CZK
200 gGrilled Pork fillet - filled with Jalapeños peppers196 CZK
200 gPork fillet medallions - with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, cream sauce199 CZK
500 gSlowly roasted Spare Ribs - marinated in honey and garlic, served on a wooden plate with BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, Dijon mustard and fresh bread189 CZK
300 gWhite Crow´s Perch - on a skewer – beef, pork fillet, chicken breast, sausage, onion, pepper263 CZK
kusBaked pork knee - mustard, horseradish, pickled cucumber bread225 CZK
250 gBeef steak -  served with green beans268 CZK
250 gBeef steak - according to offer with chedar sauce, grilled tomato and jalapeno peppers268 CZK
 All meet is prepared medium. - If you wish another preparation, pleese ask barmaman.
 Home made Burgers 
200 gHamburger - 200 grams of minced beef steak in a toasted bun, with chips and garnish209 CZK
200 gBacon-Cheeseburger - with cheese and bacon219 CZK
200 gJalapenoburger - with slice of Chedar cheese, grilled pepper, saur creme, jalapeňos peppers with avocado mayonaise, chips224 CZK
300 ggoat cheese - cream, spinach a walnuts168 CZK
300 gwitj pork fillet - chorizo salami, red onion, mushrooms, cream and fresh rocket, Pecorino cheese177 CZK
300 gWith backed chicken fillet - black olives, sun dried tomatoes, pesto basilica and rocket, Parmigiano173 CZK
300 gAglio oglio e peperoncino - with chilli peppers, chilli and fresh parsley129 CZK
150Pad Thai - rice noodles, chicken fillet, egg, onion, chili195 CZK
 Please choose your pasta - Penne, spaghetti
 Risotto Arborio 
300 gRisotto - Risotto with marinated red beets with cream, butter, rocket and Feta cheese135 CZK
300 gRisotto - Risotto with backed chicken fillet with Gorgonzola cheese, mushroom, spinach and aubergine145 CZK
300 gRisotto - with chorizo salami, roasted chicken breast, cream, tarragon, boletus mushrooms and goats cheese145 CZK
200 gSalmon - with lemon pepper served on Mediterranean vegetables248 CZK
 Vegetarian Dishes 
100 gRoasted Goat Cheese - with Mediterranean vegetables, cherry tomatoes, mango chutney and crisped ciabatta bread169 CZK
300 gJacket potatoes - with guacamole, salsa Rojo and sour cream106 CZK
2 ks.Vegetable burrito - with black beans, jalapeño peppers and cheese138 CZK
 Czech pub classic 
200 gFried cheese - served with sauce tartare143 CZK
300 gFried chicken and pork mini fillets - served on wooden plate with pickled cucumber, mustard, garlic sour creme and fresh bread169 CZK
200 g Wiener pork schnitzel - potatoes, sour cucumber, lemon189 CZK
300 g Halušky -  with bryndza cheese/ with bryndza cheese and bacon126/136 CZK
 Something to go with beer and wine 
150 gBeef Tartar - served on a wooden plate, with toast and everything that goes with it173 CZK
250 gCheese Platter - Niva (blue cheese), Eidam, cheddar, hermelín (Camembert type cheese) and Goat´s cheese with tomatoes and mango chutney served with fresh bread 168 CZK
200 gGrilled lamb sausages Merquesse - dijon mustard and berry horseradish, served with fresh bread and onions188 CZK
500 gBBQ wings - marinated chicken wings served with sour creme, sweet and hot chilli sauce and toasted onion baguette179 CZK
500 gBufallo wings - marinated chicken wings served with sour creme, 179 CZK
100 gNachos - with melted cheese, served with guacamole, salsa Rojo and sour cream98 CZK
1 ks.Pickled ”Hermelín” Cheese - fresh bread, garnish78 CZK
2 ks.Fried garlic bread - with mustard, filleted pork steak, crispy bacon and egg159 CZK
100 gHome made potato chips - served with avocado mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce68 CZK
400 gr.Caesar - grilled chicken breast, bacon, croutons, roman lettuce, anchovies, capers and mayonnaise dressing197 CZK
400 gr.Italiana - mix lof leave salads with olives, cherry tomatoes, spinach and Mozzarella, basilica oil177 CZK
400 gr.Greek - peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, black olives, rocket, oregano dressing, Feta cheese177 CZK
400 gr.With goat cheese - shrimps, roman lettuce ,spinach, rocket, radicchio, red onion189 CZK
1 ks.Ice cream sundae Bílá vrána79 CZK
 Pancake with ice cream -  fruits and whipped cream 79 CZK
1 ks.Chocolate fondant - with vanilla ice cream79 CZK
 Side dishes 
 Boiled potatoes39 CZK
 Steak chips 39 CZK
 Jacket potato - with garlic sour cream45 CZK
 Mashed potatoes - with bacon and red onion45 CZK
 Fried potatoes - with spring onion39 CZK
 Baked ciabatta39 CZK
 Mediterranean vegetables49 CZK
 Coleslaw salad39 CZK
 We also provide take away, packaging charge 5 Kč.